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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Something Old, Something new, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Morning !  (added at 16.55 - I'm not feeling the Jarvis Cocker show, 4 - 6. Maybe I just don't get it ).

We we listening to http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/ this morning in bed, (kids watched Cbbc downstairs for a whole 40 minutes!!!) and DJ Jo wood had a section on her show where she asks a listener to phone in and discuss & play four songs; Something old etc

The listener selected, started talking and me & HIM were intrigued.  What would she choose for her 'something old' track? Drum roll....................... Diamonds & Pearls by Prince!


Surely she could've racked her brains and come up with something better than that sparkly, lightweight tosh?!  It's not even a good Prince song.  Had she chosen, Purple Rain, or even Darling Nikki, I could have understood. 

HE bristled throughout the entire song, especially the tinkly bits.  Prince repulses HIM anyway, haha.

I find it amusing and I even enjoy making HIS skin crawl sometimes.  If i'm feeling particularly irritating, I'll ask Him if he has any requests, to which he usually answers, "YES, F*CKIN' SHUT UP"... the only two choices I give him are Bright Eyes from Watership Down,  or Last Christmas by Wham (in which I eccentuate the whispered 'happy chrissstmassss' bit). 
Knowing his hatred for Prince I think I'll add a third option of Could You Be The Most Beeeeeeauuuuuuutiful Man in the World.....he'll love that!

Anyway, after Diamonds& Pearls had finished, it was time for the listener to play her Something New choice.  It was something oldish by Shirley Bassey.  I don't mind Dame Bassey but I find her songs quite similar and definitely not 'new'. 

For 'something borrowed',  she p;layed something sounding a bit like The Enemy crossed with The Clash... and I've forgotton what she'd selected for Something Blue.  Nothing outstanding anyway.  

But see, that is why music is so fantastic.  One man's favourite will be another man's most hated.

What would you choose and why? 

This is what i'd have chosen;
Something Old - Summertime by Janis Joplin, she makes me screech along with her and feel her pain.  Her voice was so emotive.  She sounded so sincere, like she meant every word and every wail and this particular song gives me goosebumps. 
OR, Positively 4th Street by Bob Dylan - brilliant lyrics to sing loudly if ever you've been wronged by someone.
OR, not that old but Red Hot Chili Peppers are my favourite band of all time, so most of their songs, particularly off the By The Way album, could be played at anytime.
Something New - Passout - Tinie Tempah, just because it makes me, HIM and our kids leap about in our kitchen, everytime it's played.
OR Cee lo Green, Jessie J, Noah & the Whale...all for the same reason.
And now, loads of bluesy/folky/country/bluegrassy sounding stuff i'm hearing on Radio 6 that i've never heard before.
Something Borrowed - Long Lankin by Steeleye Span.  This is most definitely borrowed from my Mums collection.  Thanks to Maddy Priors clear and haunting vocals, brilliantly talented musicians and an eerie tale of an unwanted visitor, the song is as atmospheric as a good book. 
Something Blue - Songs that always move me to tears, for various reasons are, Nothingman by Pearl Jam  -  Rhinestone Cowboy by Glen Campbell  -  Moonriver by Danny Williams  -  Days by Kirstie Maccoll  -  Fix You by Coldplay  -  Other Side of the World by KT Tunstall  -  Change by Blind Melon  -  All Apologies by Nirvana  -  Fernando by Abba   -  Run by Snow Patrol  -  Good Riddance by Green Day and the theme tune to Born Free!

It's really difficult just picking just one song for each category and I have failed miserably but hey ho.
HE has chosen the following and written why;

Something Old When the Tigers Broke Free by Pink Floyd because it is absolutely top notch and they just dont make them like that anymore, it evokes many differing emotions, amazing how you can feel happy and sad at the same time. 
Pulp,  their first album especially (his and hers) brings back memories of being a teenager and the transformation from drum and bass and going raving, into going to gigs and festivals.
Then of course Live Forever, Supersonic, Slideaway by Oasis, The Charlatons, Stone Roses, The Smiths, not going to name the songs as it would do some of their other songs an injustice.
Something New Rolling In The Deep by Adele, because it's a new example of a beat that starts and goes full circle, my favoruite type of beat, the perfect example would be Columbia By Oasis. Must add as well the last song I heard on the radio then had to find it on you tube was the Drums, I wanna go surfing, a happy whistling tune.
Something Borrowed Joan Armatrading,  'me myself and I', as it used to make me sing out loud when my mum  played it
Something Blue Nightswimming, REM, I love the Piano, always make me feel sad.

Back to me - Aw he really wasn't interested in putting his addition at first, grumbling, "it's your blog", but once he got started, I couldn't stop him! The power of music eh?

We just played When The tigers Broke Free and are now listening to Columbia by Oasis...both his choices.  It's necessary to listen to other peoples music from time to time as it opens you up to so many possibilities and for some people, it's the only way they can get in touch with their emotions and connect with others or 'express themselves' - (another two good songs right there, either by NWA or Madonna)!

If you do You Tube any of our songs listed, it'd be interesting to hear what you thought, good or bad!  I'd also love to hear what your choices would be.

Below I have copied the BBC Radio 6 music schedule for today.  I'm particularly interested to hear what Jarvis Cockers show will be like at 4pm.  Cerys Matthews played some wicked stuff I hadn't heard before.


  •      Morning
  1. 07:00–10:00
    Another listener gets sonically hitched on Married to the Music.
  2. 10:00–12:00
    James Blake session tracks for Cerys, plus Sunday multi-genre book-themed musical delights

  • Afternoon

    1. 12:00–13:00
      Matt Everitt in conversation with Andrew Weatherall.
    2. 13:00–16:00
      Huey talks to Ian Anderson, the singer and songwriter from the band Jethro Tull.
    3. 16:00–18:00
      Dodgy opinion, crackpot theories, hare-brained schemes and beautiful, beautiful music.

  • Evening

    1. 18:00–20:00
      Van Der Graaf Generator's Peter Hamill previews the new album from the prog veterans.
    2. 20:00–22:00
      DJ and producer Ben Watt continues his 6 Mix residency.
    3. 22:00–00:00
      Join Guy as he ransacks his record collection to find tunes for your late night enjoyment.

  • Late

    1. 00:00–01:00
      Don Letts - Culture Clash Radio, including Babe Ruth, Shorty the President and Lanu.
    2. 01:00–03:00
      Featuring Bath quintet Kill It Kid and session tracks from Lulu and The Lampshades.
    3. 03:00–04:00
      7/13. Johnnie Walker explores how Atlantic signed acts that could emulate the British Invasion.
    4. 04:00–05:00
      Live Turin Brakes from 2001, plus sessions from Ian A Anderson and BMX Bandits.

    1. I was stopped in the canteen at work today by Gill, who said she wasn't techy enough to be able to comment. She sent me her suggestions, in her words;

      "Are you familiar with Judy Tzuke? Check You Tube for “Stay with me til dawn” and “ Ladies Night” – ropey old footage from the 80’s but classic girlie weepy songs.
      Also the rather fabulous Odyssey “If you’re looking for a way out”
      And anything by Patti Smith particularly “Gloria” - f*****g fantastic!
      I could go on ……. "
      Thank you Gill!

    2. Just listened to Judy Tzuke & odyssey - not my cup of syrup... I liked Patti Sniths voice though.. but much preferred the Doors version of Gloria...I lurved Jim Morrisons beardy gruntings haha

    3. Something Old - ok... I have a few of these... Really old - American Trilogy by Elvis Presley. My uncle sings it and my mum cries (as do I these days!)
      Slightly less old - With or Without you - U2. Gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it. Cannot forget that feeling.
      Late eighties - How Soon is Now - The Smiths - just finding my own style and this was JUST what I was looking for to reflect me!
      Something New - Written in the Stars - Tinie Tempah - me and my 17 year old son LOVE IT!!!
      and am Loving Noah and the Whale - Life goes on,
      Also love Jessie J - Money.
      Something Borrowed - Telephone Line by ELO and Show me the Way by Peter Frampton. My husband is ten years older than me and I have stolen these favourites of his as favourites of mine!!
      Something Blue - I cannot llisten to Bright Eyes at all - same goes for wind beneath my wings - both because of the movies they were from (Badly needed counselling after Watership Down!) Coldplay, Fix You reminds me of the last concert I attended before moving to Northern Ireland and was the best night with best friends.
      Adele, make you feel my love is the newest song to completely bring me to tears.

      i must complete the list by mentioning (specially) My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade. This (together with Smiley Culture, Police Officer!) are my "have to have full blast when I am bladdered" tracks and I love singin this with my daughter!!

      I hope that you are not all laughing at me now. I feel laid bare!!! :)

    4. Aww Elvis is oddly moving isn't he? I don't mean he moves oddly... I mean he evokes emotion, oddly enough. Something in his delivery. Peter Frampton had a lovely face in a '70's Rock' way.I too love L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N... you should tune into bbcradio6music at the weekend, am x

    5. And us laughing about how we like to sing certain songs with our kids, will be their tear jerkers when we're 6 foot under! Can you imagine? Tinie Tempah will have a strange effect on both our sprogs x

    6. my dad used to sing me the song of the mouse on the stairs with clogs on? oh jeez I cannot really remember it.... " I saw a mouse, where, there on the stair, where on the stair. right there. A little mouse with clogs on... well I despair going clip clippity clop on the stairs!" My husband has just told me that it was David Bowie! If I hear that song now, it would make me emotional (dad is still with us, dont panic)... one stupid song that I think is really said is Two little Boys! by Rolf Harris - and also, my childminder was friends with Tommy Steele (yes really) and she used to play that all the time. I always thought it was a sad song - Little White Bull! He was all left out cause he was white (not in a mo-fo racist way) but all the other bulls were black and he felt all left out lol... used to make me really sad when I was young!! lol I think I digressed a bit then... sorry love. :)

    7. Mama Look a Boo Boo by Harry Belafonte had me and my mum weeping, hanging on to each other when I made her a CD of loads of her favourite tooooones...my Nan, her mum, used to sway round the kitchen to it...awwww!