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Saturday, 5 March 2011

There's So Much Shit on The Telly


We watched Shutter Island last night and HE guessed the plot 10 minutes into it.  I was hoping to be scared, (I don’t watch scary movies but once in a blue moon fancy one), and it was just bland.

The most recent films that I’ve watched and thought, ‘brilliant’!, are, The Dark Knight,   American Gangster,  Where The Wild Things Are,  Toy Story 3,  Kick Ass and  Avatar… I have watched a few an’ all!

I have put up a bit of an argument against having Sky TV, as I think we have enough TV as is and we don’t need more.  With young kids, we need less TV if anything.

We have free view but that’s it.  We don’t even have ‘Dave’.   But aside from the initial wonderment you get when you watch something like, Pineapple Dance Studios, for example, I don’t think we are truly missing out.

I usually sit up alone watching shit, (and it is shit),  like Katie Price/ Katie & Peter/ Katie & Alex/ Jordan & Katie – The Next Chapter, and I do get into the ooohs n ahhs of it all and (controversial), I do think she’s alright but she’s losing it a bit at the moment. 

I find it interesting to flick through magazines to see what Celebrities are up to, or what they are wearing, who they are fighting with etc but I do know that it’s all poo and have had arguments with Him as he accuses me of ‘getting sucked into all that shit’.  

He hates Heat Magazine and yet will make a point of leafing through it, sneering and reading quotes aloud to me, (a very, very annoying and contradictory habit).

There have been times when I’ve thought entire issues of Heat have been complete and utter tosh;  As though it’s been written by, adults, grown men, acting like teenage girls.  I don’t get why they are popular; Radio 1’s Scott Mills, for example.  He makes me want to throw my radio out of the car window.   His fake accent, the stupid terms he uses like, ‘where are you off of? Oh you’re off of Birmingham, right, like, actually an actual, Brummie”?  Oh God I can’t abide him!   He’s so insincere and narcissistic.  Or at least, that is the impression I get. 

I have tried tuning in to Johnny Vaughan, whom I love and have done since he hosted, Channel 4’s, ‘The Big Breakfast’, but I cannot get the signal.  I can tolerate Chris Evans in small doses and find his enthusiasm refreshing but silly things like the fact that he says, ‘ickle’, for little, makes my hackles go up.  Also, the song choice on his radio show is a little too old, even for me. 

HE listens to Radio 2 though and seems to worship Chris Evans now!

There is no radio show for people like me.   I haven’t found one, or been recommended one. 

Television programmes all seem to be missing something now too.  An element that was present in Monty Python,  Vic & Bob,  The Big Breakfast,  The Office,  The Fast Show,  The Two Ronnies,  Phoenix Nights,  Top Of The Pops,  Not  The Nine O’ Clock News,  That’s Life,  Grange Hill,  Tomorrows World even.

It might just be that I am an old fart and don’t get the new stuff.   Take Me Out is really popular but I watched it and it is rubbish!  I like Paddy McGuiness and so have tried to stick with it but it is absolute 3rd rate crap, like the awful, trashy, Tool Academy.  Presenter Rick should sack his agent.

And why, how had, Snog, Marry, Avoid? Got a series after series? 

There is so much talent out there.  I speak to funny people all the time.  There are interesting, intelligent, entertaining people, struggling to get heard and yet the likes of  Friends, is repeated day in, day out and all day long. 

Dick & Dom, are hilarious but have a programme on kids TV channel, CBBC and that’s it. 

Leigh Francis is I think, one of the only great comedians/ presenters at the moment and he is wasted on BBC3.  Oh and Harry Hill is fantastic.  His TV Burp is so clever, even though it's suitable for ITV, prime time family viewing.

I used to watch Vic & Bobs Big Night Out and Bang Bang its Reeves and Mortimer and very nearly throw up from laughing so much, every episode.  

HE wants me to add that, for Him, Red Dwarf, (in particular the Red Alert sketch) is such basic, English humour at its best and you should all You Tube it.

Personally, I think you all need to, whether you are already ardent fans, or have never heard of them, go on You Tube and watch as many Reeves & Mortimer sketches as possible – for images like this alone!
Vic Reeves as Lloyd Grossman in the 'Masterchef' sketch
Not sure now where I wanted to go with this post.  Maybe I just wanted to have a moan.  I’d definitely like to offer some suggestions to you all for entertainment.  Lets start with films.

Films I would love you to watch are;

Serial Mom - with Kathleen Turner as an all American wife & mother, who gets irritated to murderous levels by the small stuff.

American Gangster – Russell Crowe’s cop is after Denzel Washington who for a refreshing change, plays the bad guy, although he is a charismatic one! Fantastic cat and mouse story and brilliantly acted.

Kick Ass – Just bloody fantastic to see a young person standing up to scum bags and also, worth watching for Chloe Morelis alone as Hit Girl.

Love and Sex – This is such a cool ‘girls’ film, that i'd almost not bother calling it one. It's about a young woman, played by Famke Jansen going through relationships.  It’s really funny, heart-warming and sad too. 

I could also recommend any of the films I have included on my blog profile but these four are a great mixture to be getting on with.   I'd love to hear your recommendations too.  And do yourself a favour and go NOW and watch Reeves & Mortimer Masterchef sketch on YOU TUBE..... GO!  Thank me later ;)


  1. Totally agree! I can't seem to find a radio station I can enjoy either - they're either shreiking or playing rubbish music.

    As for TV,I find myself watching more stuff on video or online, as most of tv is full braindead crap. Love Vic & Bob - masterchef sketch is hilarious along with anything with Mulligan & O'Hare or episodes of 'The Club'. I can recommend Brass Eye on 40d as well as Spaced.

    I've got really behind with films, so thank you for your recommendations - I'll look out for Love and Sex (and I love that you listed Napoleon Dynamite in your fave films!) x

  2. Aww thank you for commenting and finding me. I love films where normal people go a bit mental. I wish they'd remake 'Falling Down' as a comedy. You know the one with Michael Douglas? It's a great film but there could be a lot of laughs in it. Loved 'The Club' when Vics character had the safe key on a chain round his neck and got down on the floor to open it. I've been recommended Nighty Night, (I love League of Gentlemen and Nighty Night appeals to the love of dark humour). Thanks Saraphic ;)