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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Adele - and breathe.............

Driving home and this came on the radio.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qemWRToNYJY

It's the UK number 1 now and refreshingly, it's a live version.  Stunningly beautiful and one of those rare performances that stops everyone in their tracks. 

Mesmerising and heart wrenching.  Powerful, soul searching and peaceful, all at the same time. 

Added bonus is that Adele's accent is as common as muck and her laugh is filthier than that of the late, great Sid James.

I'm watching Shutter Island tonight with my baby, so I'll leave you to listen & watch Adele.  Please do.

Peace out and remember, there ain't no armour for karma !


  1. I love Adele, she is the one artist who is herself and doesnt give in to all the media crap we are surrounded by. <3

  2. It's stunning, she looks so humbled at the end of the live performance at the BRITS. Words are so true.

    Char (still can't post as me but will speak to "H" my IT work honey tomorrow so he can show me just how divvy I am...).

  3. Thanks for commenting anon/char It is one of those songs that, even though I didn't know the words, I was overcome with the need to shut my eyes and WAIL along to it. Bad as I was in my car driving home!

  4. I thought Shutter Island was a gripping show. Very faithful to the book. Film noir at its best. Leo gets better and better.

  5. Aw, well I will watch it tonight as I ended up watching Human Planet, then Marchlands (which ended up being rubbish).

  6. Yes, no please go and hunt me down a hairstyle...

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  8. sphillips05 said...
    (gag off again) - I am now really freaked out by your similarities to my best friend Ranelle ( I believe you had a bit of tit for tat with her this week on Facebook re: that weirdo James/Lauren!!) she told me she couldnt ring me tonight as she was watching Shutter Island... WTF?? Are you living in some weird parallel Universe with my friend Ranelle?? or have you stolenb my best friend seeing as you are to blame for everything else in life according to the Duelling Banjos??? (lol) xx

    4 March 2011 21:20

  9. Linda & Sarah C- I thought Shutter Island was no good. I found it boring and wanted it to be scarier and HE worked out what was happening within the first 15 mins!

  10. Sphillips05 - i just took out the 'area', inbetween parallel and universe ... and it was the wrong area anyhoo! x