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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

HAIR - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly & a COMPETITION!

I really do look like a man at the moment!  I have the shittest hair, like, everrrrrrrr!

I am attempting to grow out my first ever 'trendy style'.   It was clipped very short up the back, given a thick fringe and sort of layered bob round the sides.  It looked cool.  HE said it was lovely to see me looking like I had a proper style. Like I'd been taken care of !!! hahaha  People at work liked it. 

It just isn't me. 

It's too neat!  The only person who has shown ambivalence to it, is Marie who says, 'I think of you as rock chick (?! I kinda know what she means) - you're funkier than that...it's just too, hmmmn styled'.

I have never really styled my hair and in my youth, could go without brushing it for at least 24 hours, preferring the 'beach babe' look.

I tried to recapture that tousled, Sienna Milleresque style a year ago when I paid good money at a good salon, to gradually rid my hair from about 5 years of dark brown home dye.
It did look nice when I actually made the effort and I have one photo, where it looked good (for me), in a grecian/ Lauren Conrad style attempt -
  I most definitely would have kept it like this as this is when I feel most 'me' but, a) it was soooooo expensive to keep getting it highlighted and roots done and b) because I am new to 'caring' for my mop, I burnt it with straighteners on serum coated hair!  Not just a little, but all over.  I kept thinking, 'shit, I need more protective serum' and slathering it all over, then re singeing it with the hot irons. What a knob head!  It felt like wire when I ran my hand over it.  So, I had to get the lot cut off.  Short.  The shortest layer being about three inches long.  A big, brave move for an aged, style virgin! 

Actually, it was needed. It looked dead.  Like a really un looked after afro. 

So, Now, I am sporting a nothing.  A bit like this
  when it was a bit like this but with a fringe... 

So I thought I'd put it out to you guys & gals.   What hair style do you recommend for a 38 year old mum of two, who doesn't like styling too much, is VERY grey so needs to keep re colouring and thinks lighter is more forgiving.  If your suggestion is chosen by me, I will endeavour to send a small prize, to say thanks.

To give you a bit more of an idea of the kinda woman I am and the kinda styles I drool at but could never achieve,  here are my opinions of celebs hairstyles....

When I was a kid, I wanted these styles but never had the balls...

Hairstyles that I think are sexy and iconic;

Here are COOL hairstyles that I could never wear but would love to...

The following are celebs I think just seem to get it right ...

Celebs who are justzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz BORING!!!


And remember, this is just my opinion, celeb styles that are just errgh!


So... get your stylists head on.  Think of it as 10 Years Younger.  Or your bit for Help The Aged.

We all go through magazines going, 'ooh she looks good/ different/ skankadelic'... so, please come forward with your suggestions.  You can send links, or if you are tres good at getting your point across, just describe what you think could win you that teeny, tiny prizette!

Thank you for reading and please do have a pop x 


  1. Having had short hair a few times in my life I can honestly say that I will never, ever have it short again. It just looks bad.

    I am going to have long hair even when I am old and wrinkly. And grey hair too. And wear make up. Go long.

  2. Yeah? If you elabblobblaborate, you may win a teeny tiny prize Linda Twaddle!

  3. The last time i had my hair 'cut' was nearly 2 years ago. I now sport a very lank, long look, with the obligatory finge, of course. Husband likes it long, you see, and, as I'm not going to lose any weight any time soon, it's the least I could do to please him. However, it's annoying me to shreds! AND, mother, who trimmed the worst of the split ends off recently, tells me I have some grey hair - only about half a dozen or so, but grey they are. I need an easy, sexy (of course) style that goes with my anti-fashion, 44 year old slightly quirky life style - any suggestions? Oh, and it has to be long and not require straighteners, as i don't have any and am not about to buy any.

  4. It's the grecian goddess then isn't it? Not Grecian 2000... but the gentle, forgiving, boho, aged hippy look.
    And to have a chance a winning a prizelette, the idea is to GIVE advice..not request it!
    Ooh, you could stick a few layers in it, long, safe ones...and maybe a dark red low light?!

  5. Perm every time...xx Oh how i'd laugh as you walked through the door....at least then someone would have a worse haircut than mine!

  6. daveandlola, are we talking a Samuel L Jackson, or a Phil Specter?

  7. got to be Phil Specter...if you do it I will......challenge is on!

  8. That's not a fair challenge as you already resemble him, what with the dwarfism and permanently static hair.