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Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I've had a really sh*t day today. 

I've been trying to work out what's the best decision to make for everyone involved but sometimes, you really do have to please yourself don't you?  I am referring to an up coming event featured in my old post Dilemma. 


Anyway, really depressing, head ache inducing, brain cluttering emails, back and forth regarding decisions and reasons and what ifs etc

Finally I just sat staring vacantly, answering call after call with a cloudy, painful head and a lump in my throat.

You know when you dread something so much that your adrenalin starts pumping around your body til your eyes feel like you're wearing blinkers?  Ever had that? I've read why that happens...something to do with when we were hunters and adrenalin would kick in, constricting our vision so we were focussed on the target in front of us, blah blah blah

So, I had a very miserable afternoon. 

I must have looked really glum because four people asked if I was ok.  One, Jo, even said I looked like I'd had the soul sucked out of me! 

Sharon the wee darlin', swore a bit,  then invited me out for a drink after her wedding. 

Janet gave me some words of experience and kept circling me like a big breasted buzzard and patting my back motheringly.

Little Pup, Justina, stayed relatively quiet for her. 

Usually she is like an exciteable labrador puppy and DOES NOT SHULLUP, but this arvo she was quite restrained.  She agreed with Janets advice a couple of times then just carried on with her 'work'.

Right at the end of the day, I don't know why but she asked me if I found her cringe worthy...

I said "NO! Just rude sometimes.  Like when you ignore me or snap at me.  But it's alright coz we're quite similar. Like when we clashed over advising people about books in the book club....I'm sorry about that by the way".

Then Justina piped up at 100 miles an hour, "Yeah well see like I don't actually care when you're like rude to me because actually, you ignore me too and like it's fine because like I just think well, actually I just know it's ok because it's not like, comingfromabadplace....it's just like, actually coming from like, the surface which has like been temporarily cracked and um, like .....filled with potatoes"!

And I actually laughed!  Sometimes, you just need a pup talking about spuds to clear away your troubles.

To top it off, she got a bit over exciteable on the walk out of work to our cars and as she burst out laughing at another of her hyperactive mutterings, she stopped suddenly, looking stunned, "OOH I actually like, laughedsomuchthen that I actually nearly farted"!!!

Hahahahah brilliant! Thank you for making me smile Pup! x x x


  1. Very sorry to hear that you had a bad day today. I know that feeling very very well. If you need to chat... and DUELLING BANJOS? Fuck off! :)

  2. Haha thank you SP05! I am gonna go to bed I think...rest me poor weary head x