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Saturday, 19 March 2011

I See A Bad Moon Rising

I have been troubled since Tuesday.  

I have made a tough decision which will make me even less popular with certain people but as Janet said, “If they knew you, they would not be like this.  It is because they don’t know the real you that there is the problem”.

So, with that in mind, I have had the courage to decide against putting myself in a situation that could become explosive.

I am deciding against attending an event as I do wish the best for the people having the big day and I do not want to be the one to tarnish it in any way.

Marie said that the situation is like a tinder box.  One spark and it could blow up.

I’d like to have the confidence to know that regardless of provocation, I would remain calm and serene.  I know however, that I have put up with so much rubbish and so many lies for so long, that I would be anything but.

So, Tuesday began a spiral into feeling like crap.

Aside from the headache and general p*ssed off feeling, I felt a little better on Wednesday but this was possibly the soothing effect Marie has on me. She is brilliant and it’s therapeutic being in her company.  She makes me smile and boosts me up.  I hope I do the same for her!

Thursday though, I had become constipated…. This is completely unheard of for me, of which the Midwives at my sons birth would vouch for.

By about 10am, I had awful pains under my right boob and the headache had become much worse.  This continued all day.  By the evening, I felt awful.  

Friday morning I woke up with earache, headache and tummy pains.  I went to the doctors.

“Have you had any stressful situations recently”? He asked.

Embarrassingly, I burst into tears! 

He checked my tummy to make sure it wasn’t gall stones or appendicitis and concluded that it was most definitely stress related.  He did tell me to book an eye check and gave me a prescription for eye drops and a print out of PMT symptoms and ‘cures’.

I got the £27 eye drops and after reading the PMT print out, I purchased calcium, magnesium and vitamin B6.  Today is the second day I have taken the combination and I have 3 months supply so I will endeavour to keep you updated as to whether they do minimise the moods.  

The PMT is a real problem at the moment – don’t read on if you want to be entertained!!!

I have the usual evil week, the week before I am due – then, I am dizzy Miss Silly-knickers for the blob week, and then I’m lusty Miss busty (hahaha err) after for a few days until, DUN DUN DAAAA, about 2 weeks after the first day of the P, for two days I am depressed, emotional and deflated.  I mean really depressed.  Like it’s all too much. 

My friend was diagnosed with Menieres Disease due to extreme bouts of dizziness, nausea, passing out and migraines.  18 months later, they realised that it was actually all down to periods.

They really are awful bloody things (no pun intended) and I just don’t think there is enough out there to help stop the physical and mental debilitation that accompanies them.  

I think there should be a simple, widely offered, free test that checks which levels of hormones are low, or high and a simple dose of said hormone to be taken orally, that just brings you back up to earth again.

HE told me this morning that the moon is the largest it’s been in 18 years tonight and that maybe that has an affect on me.

I agree that there is some truth in the moon affecting us women.  After all, the words ‘lunatic’ and ‘lunacy’ come from Luna, meaning moon so who knows?

I’m off now to take two more Paracetamol, anoint my dry old eyeballs and shave my palms.

Later Home-slices!


  1. You might find those supplements do help a lot. I take those plus B12 and Selenium. Also Vitamin D as I am deficient (as well as iron). And that is despite the fact I eat a very healthy diet.

    It is very brave of you to make that decision to not go to the event and I think that once a few days pass and you get over the fall out things will settle.

    Gotta say, being constipated is the worst thing. All that crap just building up and causing havoc internally. No wonder you feel like crap. Or is that, you don't feel like it. Hmmmm.

  2. Linda - It'd be really handy to have a test to see what I was deficient in and just top up, rather than having to 'trial & error'. My memory is so bad and my organisational skills are too lack lustre for me to keep a proper record of what helps and what doesn't. Hopefully the blog will act as a reminder.

    Alot of the calcium tablets had vit D added but I went for the calcium & magnesium cocktail.

    HE commented that all my new tablets resemble body builders supplements - I got the cheap generic make in huge silver tubs.

    Constipation is most definitely shit!

  3. Linda - to nick your word, I was indeed, 'shitfull' hahaha ;)

  4. I agree about the whole monthly thing... men have no idea do they? My husband uses it to label EVERY mood that I have whether I have the hump with the kids or him for a valid reason is immaterial!

    It's all down to the dreaded TOM as we call it in our house ~(time of month). 7 years ago - when I was still in London, I was diagnosed with severe menorrhagia (heavy unexplained bleeding)-(after literally covering my shoes on a number of occasions when further than 6 feet from a loo)(not at all pleasant as you can imagine)I was admitted to hospital for nearly 4 weeks ( a very much needed rest- was lovely 23 hours a day sleeping and the other hour eating!)before being fitted with a mirena coil. This stopped the bleeding completely after a few months~ (the fitting of said coil was very traumatic as your womb has to be contracted etc - and after two caesarians - not the best) (digression! sorry)ok.. so, bleeding stopped, i was now met with a further set of symptoms - all of which i did not attribute to the coil at first - i am talking acne on my back, boils, very bad moodswings, a sharp searing pain in both of my sides at different times and a ridiculous lower back pain. Anyway, I had the coil removed last July. I am now having "normal" periods (all other physical symptoms left me immediately after removal)- but have the moods to end all moods! I can go from wailing like a banshee to wanting to stab my favourite cat for purring too loud to literally singing at the top of my voice with true happiness all in the space of one hour! No wonder the men in our life think we are all mad!! how can they be expected to live with us harmoniously when we cannot make up our minds between laughing or crying?

    In reply to your own situation. You know not going to the event is the correct decision. It may not feel the best or "right" decision but seeing as how you now are getting physical symptoms of stress - you now need to take a step back from this whole situation.

    The duelling banjos are obviously getting a perverse pleasure from knowing that their actions are affecting you in this way. You need to change tact and from hereon in, do what makes you and your family happy and content. Let them play their games. Let them try to score points at events and family parties. Ultimately, their actions will be rewarded by nothing short of a desire to try and "crack" the kernal of your insular family "nut" but you need to stand together with your other half and celebrate your love for each other and your children. Nothing hurts an ex more than the recognition that their ex is happier without them... and happier with their nemisis. That fact- will be justice itself.

    PS - There is no armour for Karma !! my new phrase - so, so true.


    I was eating beef stew whilst reading that!!!

    As I read about your back boils, I decided to leave the sweetcorn.

    Hahaha I love the details really ;) So - how do you cope with the moods now? Do you take any supplements? It's good that you put your coil related problems on here incase someone else reads it and thinks "old on a minute?!"

  6. I have many theories on this most female of conditions - one being that men must have invented the term PMT as a woman would understand that it is not the time of the month that causes these feelings, just that we are less able to rein the buggers in and our (or is it just my) true feelings are allowed to run free, unhindered by what we think we should be saying/feeling/doing etc. Eat Cherries - very beneficial to a woman at that time of the month (would help with the constipation too). As for dualling Banjos - living well is the best revenge. xxx

  7. Thank you J White41. I don't much care for cherries since catching you erotically tying a knot in the stalk of one, whilst looking at me.

    No, I will continue with the odd almond, blue berry and turkey slice - all of which are rumoured to aid in a smoother Blob.

  8. i promise next time I post about my boils and problems *stage whisper* down below - I will warn you before hand - You can then decide whether or not you go ahead and eat the sweetcorn (remind me one day to tell you the urban legend of bell-end sweetcorn!) - WARNING!! oops too late :)

    I wish someone had have given me the heads up before I had it fitted to be honest - It would have been a big fat nooooo had I known what was to come!

    Loving J. White's comment of living well is the best revenge... I have stolen that and used it twice in conversation within the last 3 minutes!! :) Thanks J. White!

  9. JWhite is a good witch.

    Sphillips05, it's 'shitfull' (thanks Linda) that the hospital didn't warn you.

    Also, the sweetcorn story I had heard re 'brown love' and it was a baked bean.

    And then there's the one about the 'no mayo' chicken McSandwich that burst when the customer bit into it and when they complained that they's specifically requested NO MAYO, they discovered (after tests) that the chicken breast had had an ulcer in it. This is what had exploded with 'mayo' in their mouth.


  10. Oh Dear. That is bad. I officially feel bilious!

  11. I am seriously, honestly retching at the 'mayo' comment! I am not normally bothered by such things, but that has turned my stomach! I was once a vegetarian... I feel the calling again.