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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


In relation to my earlier post, 'Hints & Tips',  before the sickly realisation that my blog was being stalked by two Jerry Springer rejects,  I'd like to say that Clare who showed me round the gym tonight, was indeed very young but also very friendly and actually laughed with me I think, (also at my trainers at one point...they are 15 year old Nike Shox...they were sooooo cool when they first came out) hahah anyhoo, she wrote a great gym programme for me.  Not exactly high tech, or cutting edge but structered and interesting.  I will keep you posted!
Oh and I have one tip, courtesy of Clare;
  • Don't worry too much about your heart rate being 160 plus on the treadmill.... you do not have to have a heart rate of 117 to be in the 'fat burning' zone - you'd have to be doing a very gentle stroll to have a heart rate that low... ;)
You lookin at my fcukin trainers? You wanna piece o' me?

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