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Saturday, 5 March 2011

An Apple A Day...

Morning all!

HE, (my belov - ed), just stopped me to tell me this interesting and possibly self preserving fact.

He said, "They just did an experiment with fruit flies.  Fruit flies only live for 50 days.  So, They fed half the fruit flies with apple, and the other half with no apple but other fruit.  All the fruit flies who ate the apple, lived an extra 5 days! So, it's true! An apple a day and all that...."

And he walked off, very impressed and beaming.

I'm not sure who They are but I think They might look something like this.
So, I don't know if it's true and how on earth would we ever know if by upping our apple intake, we had lived a few days longer than fate had planned for us? 

Who knows? It might be worth a shot though?  Make mine a Cox's Orange Pippin!

Oh and whilst on the subject of apples.  HE just added, "Ere, put this on your blog!  I was ripped off in the green grocers yesterday. They had lovely expensive red apples and ropey old green ones for half the price so i thought I'd be sly and mix them up in a brown paper bag but when it came to paying, the girl scanned a red one so I ended up paying double"! hahah I don't think that's being 'ripped off' as much as being caught out! hahaha

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