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Sunday, 20 March 2011


AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW how I have moaned over the last few days.  Granted I do feel like poo BUT life is good and I have a lot to be grateful for.

If I were to win an award today for my part in world jibber jabber, this is how my acceptance speech would go:

Oh really, no stop, oh haha, you're too kind...I LOVE YOU ALL!

I, I, ha ha oh gosh this is so embarrassing!  I can't believe I've won this.  I had no idea! I haven't even written a speech!

There are just so many worthy winners here tonight, that I would never haved dreamed that I'd be singled out and awarded.  After all, without you all, I'd have no conversation, would I?

Firstly, I'd like to thank Chareen. 

When I had an idea to write to a certain magazine, inviting them to write an issue on normal women, it was Chareen who advised me to start a blog.

I had never even looked at one before and didn't realise how much I'd benefit from taking her advise.

Obviously I had no idea how to start up and so when I asked for help, both my brother and Paul S stepped forward and showed me exactly how to get my very own blog up and running.

I'd like to thank Jo R who, even though she has many things on her plate, kept her pressurised promise and became Follower 41.   Also DC83 who sprang to the post of becoming Follower number 30. 

Main contributors, Sphilips05, Saraphic, Tori, Showgirl and Linda and her twaddle who offer endless comments which make me feel listened to and spur me on to write more posts.

My viewer from Hungary and one in particular from USA, yes you two, who somehow manage to 'view' my posts, within minutes of me posting them.  I smile each time I refresh my stats and see you both appear.  I hope that you'll comment soon and share your thoughts.

My Mum, who fed my imagination as a young invisible,  reading me stories of possibilities, adventures and exciting, colourful characters. 

All the numerous folk who encouraged me along the way and all those who told me to shut up and do something about it.

My darling HIM.  You encouraged me the most.  You make me feel I am capable of anything. Apart from running, playing football, ice skating, house work, driving safely and a few other things. 
Yes, you have such faith in my creative side, which was being suffocated in my current situation, that it drives me to take risks and just go for it.  So thank you.

I'd like to thank my children, Thing 1 and Thing 2, who keep me irritated, entertained, knackered, fat, dishevelled, laughing, singing, shouting and worrying.  Thank you both.

Without all of you, I'd be bored and possibly carted off for talking and chuckling to myself.


Hmmn, dunno where I was going with that really!  I think I just wanted to chat.

Reading through comments from you lot is so fulfilling.

Seriously. I am very aware of the risk I am running at coming across like a right knob head but it's true. 

I really do hope I have made some of you chuckle, or go, "ooh yeah I can relate to that".  That is what my blog was for.  I really do wish for you to join in and comment.

I have had some really positive feedback from Marie and Secret Squirrel and a lot of people who for various reasons cannot 'follow' or comment, but read my blog anyway.  It's exactly what I wanted. 

I did expect some criticism, or negativity so thanks to The Duelling Banjo's  for not letting me down.

Finding a good blog is like finding a good book or a good article.  I have found one. I have been reading through Linda and Her Twaddle and it's fantastic. I have only just scratched the surface but I now have something good to read whenever I get the urge to.

It confuses me that there are so many genuinely talented, creative and entertaining people out there, and yet too often it's impossible to find something you want to watch on television, or listen to on the radio.

I reckon it's a definite positive addition to anyone's life.  I urge you to start one up if you have a cluttered brain, a bad memory, or feel trapped at all.  It's like having your own magazine. Self indulgent, rewarding and like a little sanctuary - even if it is being read by two arseholes,The Duelling Banjo'swho should conserve their energy and start their own one.

I feel ill. I think it's an ear infection but it's been a nice day.  The sun has started to shine and the weather is getting warmer.  He and our son have just planted spinach, strawberries, carrots, potatoes and tomatoes in the garden;

When I am trying to have a few minutes to type up a post, I am often interrupted with calls of, "Mummy, Mummy.....Mummy, Mummy.........'ello!" and I turn round to see this type of thing;

And this;

I honestly don't know where they get it from.

Anyway, I am going now. I do feel like my head is being squashed and my eyes, ears and neck feel hot.  I am returning to the dopey Doc tomorrow to see if this time, he can do more that print out an advice sheet!

On that note, you know that you've become a fatty when you complain that you have a headache and your 4 yr old son shouts back impatiently, "Mummy!, (tut), then why don't you just have another half a doughnut"?!


  1. Loving the use of Noah And The Whale in this post. Glad to be a follower but embarrassed to say I don't find time to comment when you have kids and can write something every day. Keep up the good work!
    My resolution from now on is to comment more and become an active follower of the best blogger I've ever read (although technically you're the only one I've ever read)

  2. See now that comment would've been top banana, had you left off the last 9 words ;)

  3. I, too, love Linda and Her Twaddle--she presents her life with full-frontal honesty and I respect that! Thanks for visiting my blog, and good luck with yours. Blogging is quite an investment, but it's a great way to document the events of your life that you're likely to forget as time goes on.

    I look forward to reading more from you. I tend to stereotype, so I expect every Brit to have the wit of Ricky Gervais. You can live up to that, right?

  4. the invisible woman is way funnier than Ricky Gervais!! (and thinner too!!)

  5. Vegas Linda Lou - I resemble Ricky G pre 'Hollywood meltdown'. Same belly & teeth.
    I'm sure on a very good day I'd be able to have a beer & banter with him and not bore him senseless...I reckon he's gone a bit soft now though. A bit air brushed...
    When you get a chance, you should YOU TUBE Andrew Lawrence, (newer stuff when he has very short hair) and Micky Flannagan, (Out Out)...And also watch Paul Whitehouse's old series, The Fast Show...the one Johnny Depp requested to appear in... comedy should be included in the Governments recommended '5 a day'.
    I shall buy your book on pay day ;)

  6. It's good to see someone embrace blogging. It brings a certain type of people together.

    I think they are called nutters but I could be mistaken.

  7. Well, I would like to thank YOU, Invisible! For giving us something to read that we can identify with, and very funny too. I feel bad that I can't comment all the time (believe me, if this blog wasn't banned at work, I'd be on here a lot more).

    I'm sorry to hear you've not been feeling too well. I hope your Doc sorts you out x

  8. Linda - then all my friends should blog!

    Saraphic - No, thank you! You just keep commenting when you can, I love it!