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Sunday, 6 March 2011

I Think I'm Alone Now...

Sunday afternoon. 

The house is silent apart from the bubbling water that's boiling the potatoes.

Remarkably, both the kids are having a snooze!  He has gone to the pub to watch the football and I am doing dinner.  We're having cottage pie.

I'm sitting at the computer in the kitchen.  Behind me are the potatoes and to my left are the patio doors, which are steamed up now, from the cooking.

We woke early. Well, were woken early by the kids.  First thing I saw was a giant brown bear being heaved & pushed onto the bed in front of my face. Opening one eye, I could see my daughter behind the bear, which is almost as big as her, smiling at me and enthusiastically urging me to take it from her.

I lifted the bear and chucked him onto the foot of the bed, then hauled my daughter up onto my pillow.  Turning over to look at Him, I was greeted by my sons beaming face, just inches from mine. 

My son seemed to be in the middle of a story about something.  I can't remember what it was about but I smiled and stroked his beautiful clear face and agreed with him nonetheless.

"Morning Mummy", He mumbled from behind our boy.  Yep,  you end up referring to each other as Mummy & Daddy sometimes.  It's just easier.  It's ok as long as you revert back to your real names when the kids are either in bed, or over the age of 7 ish.

I suggested we go for a walk in the woods and He agreed.  

Yesterday, He took our son on his first ever coach ride, to watch his first ever proper football match.

Me and our daughter had a girly day round the shops, buying stuff for our holiday.  We overspent by at least double I think.   I haven't got to the stage yet like some women who, upon purchasing non-essential items, scurry upstairs and hide the item, then when asked about it's origins later on reply, 'Oh this? I've had it for aaaages'.  I am too upfront and honest.  Not for myself but for others.  Sometimes I can see the person I'm being honest to, or in front of,  cringeing slightly.   Sometimes I like this reaction and other times I wish I had a diplomacy detector in my brain, like a body search machine at the airport, that beeps and won't let sentances leave my gob until they've been cleansed and conditioned with a little 'Tact n Go'.

We got a phone call to come and pick the boys up yesterday evening and my daughter was so excited to be going out in the car in the dark, past bed time and she so desperately wanted to show her brother her new Hello Kitty sunglasses.  She was asleep within 5 minutes and I made the short journey into and across town listening to Zane Lowe.  He played White Lines which was cool and I nodded along like I was straight outta Compton or something.

He looked shattered and our son looked wired.  He'd had lemonade and far too much to eat but they both looked brilliant.  Real father and son day out.  He told me he never got to do things like that when he was little and was as excited, if not more so than our son.

Hold on a minute, i've just gotta peel the carrots....

Right the carrots are on.  I bought organic for a change.  I bought expensive tinned plum tomatoes, rather than the value range and it donnarf make a difference in the taste.  I find with the value stuff, I end up putting a whole tube of puree in, just to make it taste tangy.  With the expensive range, you don't have to put any in at all. 

We do like the idea of Jamie Olivers 'free range, local produce and premium quality, corn fed' food but anyone who works full time for a living and has a family but doesn't qualify for benefits, knows that it just isn't always an option.  We do feed the kids plenty of veg and I do look out for aspartame, (also known as acidity regulator) in products and avoid it like the plague but unless you have money, I don't think it's always possible to go organic when you have 4 mouths to feed.

Ahh, I was enjoying this.  Daughter has woken up and is staring at me from under her pink, cup cake fleece blanket on the sofa. 

Before I go, I want to say HELLO! to my blog viewers from America, Latvia, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Canada and Ireland.  The modern technical world is mental isn't it?  Who'd have thought that me typing away in my kitchen could be read by someone in Africa, or Germany...it's bloody, bloomin' marvelous!

Well.  Work tomorrow.  I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I shall be exercising from tomorrow onwards and I have bought a swedish 'Almondy' cake and chocolate custard to celebrate !

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