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Friday, 11 March 2011

Happenings, thoughts and other stuff…

I wont talk too much about this, as I’m not knowledgeable enough and will end up sounding pathetic but I can’t write today’s post without mentioning the earthquake and tsunami in Japan
I hope everything settles and they get as much help as possible and can rebuild their lives eventually. 
It’s a chilling reminder of how nature can turn on us and cause such destruction on such a huge scale.  It makes us feel mortal and our worries seem insignificant.
Life magazine have just published photographs that were confiscated by the American army years ago, from Eva Braun’s private collection. 
Looking at them they seem unremarkable but given who her boyfriend was, the normality of the pictures is what’s so disturbing.   This one I found the most powerful:
The juxtaposition of his gentle affection towards a dog and what he was allowing to happen to human beings, screams out from this photo.
If only the little dog had been working within the French Resistance and had been receiving information, through an ear piece, about the kindly gentleman petting him and the pain and sorrow he was inflicting elsewhere, he’d have leapt up and ripped the moustache off his lip.  I’d have paid to see that photo.
For no reason at all, I thought today about The Isamores Child – or Issamors Child, something like that. 
It was a book that I never read because the cover scared me so much.  It sat on my bookshelf when I was little and no matter where I positioned it, It always made it's way into my eye line from my bed in the dark… I think it was a blackish cover with a small, white, ghostly figure,  running through trees.  I googled it and couldn't find it. 
Going on A Bear Hunt – this book is popular now but at one stage, at my sons nursery, all the kids there were frightened of it. My son kept using bears as the reason he couldn’t go up to the loo on his own, or couldn’t go to bed.  I YOUTUBED it for him and we found an American dad reading it to his daughters.  You can't see them and he's used photo's to illustrate the story.  At the end, you see two eyes.  This terrified my son and still does but we bought the book and read it when we want to be scared.  Very ocassionally.
The Cake Struggle
Why is it that as soon as I think, ‘right, that’s it, no more crap, just good food and exercise’, people bring in cakes to work?  It’s that old ‘you want what you can’t have/ grass is always greener’ type thing isn’t it?
Maybe if HE told me that I was banned from using the hoover/polish/mop, the house would be clean and tidy!  (HE's just read this over my shoulder and informed me I am now banned from sex, snogging and all attention-giving).
Did Frank Sidebottom influence Bo Selecta?
Do you remember Frank Sidebottom?  I just thought, isn’t he rather similar to the Bo Selecta character of Craaaaig Daaaaavid?
That's it for today.    Body Dysmorphia has also crossed my mind today but it's a big subject that I think I can talk about on a later post.
Thank FUDGE it's Friday eh?  Have a good weekend ;)

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