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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day

All my lovely ladeez, All my lovely ladeez, Now putchya hands UP!

Well, haven't we come a long way since getting the vote? Cheers Emmeline!

I thought I'd take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the women in my life, past and present.

From Mums with big boobs n bums, to sulky teens in skinny jeans, sexy singles, gym bunnies, lesbo's, mafro's, toddlers and Nans,

Sarah W P - You are a late comer as I couldn't remember you from school days, (for one drunken evening)! And I can't believe you remembered me, I was so bland!  You are such a funny lady.  I have discovered your massive personality via Facebook.  You are definitely a force and someone I feel akin to.  Very pleased to vitually meet you Sarah!  You are one of my special ladies haha ;)

Zoe - aww you made my days at Do It All pass by a little quicker and we share that very bad and dishonest secret. That was a very funny day.  Little memories like that creep into our subconcious from time to time snd bring smiles to our faces.  Pleased we are chatting once again via FB and thank you for following me on here. Your dogs are luscious by the way!

Susan P - Tomato! Aw Beautiful Sue, I hope you have enough love around you to help you through difficult times.  You're lovely! I have memories of us trying not to laugh at such silly things, while others rolled their eyes and tutted.  And you cooking Jamaican dumplings, rice and (kidney beanS, PLURAL not PEA) hahaha x

Midwives - The two last midwives who helped bring my daughter into the world were just brilliant, thank you!- (I'd just like to apologise now to the ones involved in my sons birth - the poo!!!! i'm so, so sorry).
Jen & Joy - statuesque and serene, with infectious smiles that stretch from ear to ear.  Real genuine, caring, strong women.  Wonderful memories of cosy Christmasses with numerous cats and lots of laughing. And Jen who, for a very short while looked up at me while I made up your little girls face & 'styled' your hair. I love you both.

Sunny - Fiesty and fun loving and oddly ageless. Courageous, stubborn and talented. Took me on my first holiday and I still laugh when I picture you falling in the mud on that moped.  You shoulda learnt! Love you.

Nic  H-C- I never see you as you live so far away but I remember how we thought we'd be Police women but more like Charlies Angels, than Cagney & Lacey.  I think we've both paid for being the loud, bolshy ones, by being rewarded with even louder, bolshier daughters ;)

Sharon - I am looking forward to learning Scottish.  It's so strange how I can't be arsed with most people but with you, I am drawn even though I only 'get' every other word.  I am honoured to have been invited to your reception, (not the actual wedding tho eh doll? maybe the next one haha).  Looking forward to being good pals with you x

Janet - Make more chocolates.  You were put on this earth to make stuff.  You've amazed me this year.  I hope people begin to appreciate just how unbelievably gracious you are.

Lola - You surprise me and impress me almost every day,  (who actually makes paneer?!) Your determination and drive is magnificent.  Your Mum would be proud of you. Your mind is filthy! ;)

Justina - You need to slow down and smell the flowers.  You're a gorgeous woman who needs to realise her own worth.  Take influence from others you admire but allow yourself to grow.  You're so much more together than I was at your age, I hope you enjoy your youth before you grow up too much.  Be confident, you're fantastic x

Kelly - You bright and sparkly star you! I hope you get what you want. You're being so brave dolly. You bring such light into the lives of those around you that you deserve everything you wish for.

Marie - Marie, Marie, Marie hahaha I love you girlfriend!  I feel lucky that I get to spend our precious fleeting 'mummy time' together.  You're strong and funny and cocksure.  I hope we get more 'us' time as we need it sista!

Tori - I hardly know you but I understand the work life balance thing.  I got a warm, genuine feeling from you at the New Year buffet (it could've been that your Tenar Lady Pants had burst) and I hope you'll be around for ever. 

Linda Twaddle - I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon our virtual relationship.  You really are a great woman.  Interesting, encouraging, artistic and fun.  I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and adventures.  I may become the crazed superfan after all! ;)

Caroline and Vicci - You introduced me to the naughtier side of life.  You taught me to swim properly and how to dive in!  Thank you for such wonderful, life changing experiences x x x x x

Jayne C, Nadine, Claire and Karen - we lived together in Tenerife and you were great friends and allies and Jayne, you are annoyingly just as gorgeous now as you were then!

Cathybum - We shared such hilariousness, it's a crime that we hardly speak now.  I love you and want you to know I am here for you, oh and as soon as I work out how, I will upload our comedy sketches, ok Princess? x x x

Sarah C - Just keep doing what you're doing Sar and you'll reap the rewards.  You mean the world to me and so many others.  You're amazing.

Char - You are soooooo funny and are soooooo wasted in your fabulous job.  I wish you'd go and do Am Dram, I would go and watch every play!  You and Sarah C make my days manageable.  Thank you.

Nan Ada - I was a little too young to have really appreciated you and I wish I had known you better but I remember you were a strong willed and fearsome woman with a face that lit up when you laughed.  You and my Dad both laugh the same way, head down, hands covering the face.  I'm smiling whilst typing this Nan x

Nanny Joan - Now I feel sad. You were wonderful. Such a beautiful woman. I miss your calypso, hip swaying as you got my Alpen from the cupboard and the way you'd burst the silver top milk open with one jab of your elbow.  I wish you'd met your grandaughter.  She looks like you, in your crossest photograph.  You are so missed by Mum and me.  Grandad missed you the most though so it pleases us that you're together again x x

Mum - You little mouse.  You are more of a lion and will out live us all!  I love your quirks and I love you being my Mum.  You're so set in your ways, yet so gullible too.  I hope you stop reading the Daily Mail this year.  I'll get the independant delivered to your door x x x

Ams - My beautiful little girl.  You are part of me.  I will try to steer you towards being yourself so that you stay as you are and don't get bogged down by the mundane, realness of routine.  I will encourage your personality and help you channel your energy. We will discover new things together and you will explore life for yourself.  You're clever, grumpy, so confident and yet so caring and gentle too.  You seem older than your years and always have.  You brighten my days Ams and I will be here for you throughout all of them. X

Happy Women's Day !


  1. Ahhh Thank you Invisible!!!! That bought a virtual tear to my eye!!!

    (PS... the feeling is very mutual :) - )

  2. Oh and you definitely were NOT bland at school. I remember being very jealous of your many pairs of knee length sox shop socks! You (and Sarah) always looked really smart! I, on the other hand, looked like an extra from the Cure and thought it was really cool to hang around with older girls (have no idea why lol) xx

  3. Fanks Invisible Woman. x Lovely post this evening to celebrate 100 years of us women (and not just those of us that you've named)having had the chance to air our opinions (without having to be gagged and put in jail...). Big shout out to the late Emmeline Pankhurst and all those other suffragette's.

  4. Thought you said wrinkle then but in your case either could have been written lol.
    Thanks for the shout, hopefully I will be around long enough for us to have some blogworthy adventures together! xxx

  5. Hey invisible woman. Feel very flattered and quite famous now for having been mentioned in a blog. Loving them! stay blessed xxx

  6. That's twice you've felt 'quite famous' then eh? What with your song n that! Is it on youtube? What was it called? If it is, i'll stick a link on here!

  7. I think it is lovely that you know so many normal women who are just kicking along living a good and strong life.

    That is what it should be about. Not reaching for the stars, but being stars in other people's lives.

    Thanks for the mention - again (now puffing chest out rather importantly)

  8. Awwww L.Twads, we were commenting on each others posts at the same time but thousands of miles away! AW AW AWWWWW ! You puff that chest Sistah!

  9. Sorry I couldn't post a comment yesterday, beautifully written, funny and emotional. ..tres clever. I hope my mum is proud! P.s paneer is just a snippet of my culinary talents x

  10. Aww thank you Invisible. Brilliant post by an amazing woman! You keep doing what you're doing too! ;-)x

  11. See Anonymous (lola) and Sarah C - you're both lovely. Lionel Richtea woulda said you were once, twice, three times a lovley laydeez.

  12. I love the fact you call me Dolly. Thank you for your lovely words about moi! I will continue to sparkle and sprinkle my happy dust wherever I go!! Big Love xxx

  13. Actually brining a tear or 2 to my eyes about now - not sure if the spelling is right - thank gawd i can touch type, cos i can't actually see! One in a million hon, one in a million.