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Thursday, 17 February 2011


Just checked out the blog Style Rookie.  It belongs to a 14 yr old girl called Tavi who somehow manages to sit on the front rows at major fashion shows... her dress sense is 'space granny'??? Sorry tavi if i've interpreted you wrong but that's what sprang to mind.  I think it's amazing and scary ... take a look
 Weird or what?! (I'm old and I just don't get it)

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  1. A modern day case of "The Emperor's New Clothes" me thinks... She is so badly dressed that people think she must be a "from the future, bang on trend (hate that saying)style guru"... to me, however, she looks like "a bundle of rags tied up in the middle" to steal a saying from my Daily Mail reading mother who really has GREAT sayings... she does get the odd word mixed up though... She calls the neighbours car a Vulva (ooer misses) and when the rain is torential she calls it torryental (like oriental with a T) mums are funny creatures aren't they? But I do love mine... and as much as it bloody annoys me, she is always, ALWAYS right (when she is not spouting the Daily Mail opinions).xx