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Wednesday, 16 February 2011


You've been invited to something that under normal circumstances would be a really happy event and something you could look forward to getting the outfit for & buying a present & catching up with friendly faces etc etc but, due to certain people also attending, you feel sick at the thought of going...what do you do? 
You'll look bad and be even more of an outsider if you don't go but then again, if these people have proved not to be friends anyway, does it matter? 
You want to put on a brave face for the person you care about most, who will be attending.
You really don't want to let a very small number of people down but if you went, you'd be thrust together with people you despise..... and you feel like you've had enough of them already, without adding alcohol into the equation.  What would you do?


  1. If you want to go to what you describe as a happy event then you should go... Stuff whoever else is going. I'm sure there will be plenty of other people that want YOU to be there or you wouldnt have been invited in the first place!! Im sure there will be enough people there so you dont have to talk to the people you despise...

  2. Thanks Anonymous. Trouble is, the only people I know will be with this person I want to avoid. I am more of a 'plus 1' but defo feel obligated ;)

  3. I am at an age now that I never do anything I don't want to do lol... life is just too short... You, on the other hand, have a god given excuse from doing anything (little children)... just say that they are really playing up and you think they are coming down with something....(you will probably curse them with Karma but what the hell, kids pick up every illness anyway don't they?)... go with that... or you could ask if said venue has nice soft toilet roll as you seem to have developed a little (stage whisper)"itchiness down below" - 100% guaranteed never to be asked again!!! (win win)lol.... or you could just go to please other people and get pissed and show yourself up? that always works for me :D (hence the two visit rule - see earlier) xxx Hope you are well xx

  4. Consider what the best outcome for yourself is. Are you needed at this event, or would you simply be another spectator?

    Can you tolerate these negative persons for one event to retain your self esteem and goodwill of your friends for a lifetime?

    Consider it like a trip to the dentist, a bit of discomfort, but ultimately worth the effort.

    Or do you let the bullies win, and resort to lies and deceit to your friends?

    Of course, it's also an opportunity to meet new and exciting people (possibly).

  5. Selkies, Hahah I don't think the op will arrive to meet new & excitings but I definitely like your attitude and will endeavour to consider it like a trip to the dentist. I WILL be brave, THANK YOU! And I love your soaps etc...do you have a shop or just via website?