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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


It was a grey and wet weekend so I suggested we take the kids to the local museum to show them the treasure on display.
Thoroughly mesmerised with innocent, wide eyes, full of wonder and intrigue, other peoples children were. My two had their first fight.  Right there in the middle of the maritime artifacts and in front of the other good children.
This is them...


  1. I love the age of children when they are still yours. All peachy cheeked and smiling even when having a fight.

    The museums in the UK are fantastic. I have been to the UK for five wonderful trips and there is always some incredible museum to see.

    It's a cultural dream.

  2. I know what you mean Linda. I wanna keep them in my bubble forever but you just can't can you? You have to let them go and explore. They will grow up. AAAGGH NOOOO !! ...i'm singing, 'Boooorn Freeee' in my head now ;)