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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fill My Face!

Had botox for Christmas, (I did request this, it wasn't suggested by the other half) and I've just come back from having my 'top up', all done by the lovely Kelly - http://www.fillyourface.co.uk/
It's amazing how doing something completely for yourself and having an hour away from the kids to just chat about being a woman, with someone who knows all about it, can make you feel like you've had a proper mini break.

On the drive back, I had my home made mix CD of 'singalong songs' turned up full blast and sang sang sang.

I am very happy but hopefully , when the stuff takes effect, you won't be able to tell ahahaa


  1. Aww Thanks lovely!! I'm so pleased that an hour at my little sanctuary had such a psoitive effect on your sunday morning!! Sorry about the PJs and no make-up!! xx

  2. Well, one good thing is that nobody will know you are cross. They will only hear cross words because no frown will happen. Did it hurt? Does it really work?

  3. Hi Linda I of course will offer the bias view, but I am convinced the invisible woman will back me up!! It definetley works... of course you get the odd one or two that seem to be immune but generally it is a very effective treatment! Used in moderation and sensibly under the supervision of a qualified practitioner it is a good treatment.

  4. Yes Linda, I can vouch for that. I am really wrinkly due to living in tenerife and Oz when I was in my early 20's. I used to sunbathe LOADS with no factor on. Anyhoo, 38 now and it literally banishes the wrinkles. Kelly's good though, she was a midwife before so isn't squeamish at all and just makes me feel safe. When I get braver, I might put a before and after pic on so you can see it. It's not for everyone and I do personally prefer the look once it's worn off a bit but I reckon, twice a year, (christmas present and just save for the 2nd lot) it really does the job. oh and I can frown...just not too much ;)