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Friday, 18 February 2011

Hallo ich hoffe, du bist lächelnd


  1. always, when I am reading your blog love!!

  2. I agree re Tavi and loved your liking her to the emporers new clothes. I always thin, 'c*nts' when you see them all clapping at the end of a fashion show...i love arts and creativity but they look too so false and vacant. Thin kids in designer chiffon, clapping weakly because all the elderly, fashion relics are.
    I love that you are 'always smiling' when you're in 'invivibles blog world' haha love it!
    Oh and why don't you put your two canvasses on your FB profile? I'd love to see them... the 4 bums are my handy work. I painted them on a large canvas for my pal & colleague Lola, for secret santa this year. She has it hanging in her downstairs loo x
    PEACE OUT, word to your mother x

  3. This looks awesome. Looking forward to everything.
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