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Thursday, 10 February 2011

A poem about the great unwashed, (ungrateful, seeing as we buy their soap)!

Why do you insist on breeding
when it’s us who are left feeding?
your snarling brood, all pale and cross
If only you’d stopped at a toss.

Why so angry? You have it all
60 inch plasma on your wall,
Catalogues, you’ll never pay
Rent stashed for your holiday.

It’s us who work that foot the bill
when through smoking you fall ill
Want want want and take take take
Orange tans & Ugg boots (fake)

About your kids, take a look
Have they ever read a book?
Look after them, they learn from you
Copying all you say and do

What’s important? Do you care
That neighbours do not want you there?
Make a change, be polite and smile
It’s not cool to be on Jeremy Kyle!

Have a little dignity
Fix up, look sharp, learn…A B C…
I fear you just cannot be a*sed
Maybe the hope has come and past

My parents worked, gave us attention
And now they struggle on their pension
It’s not that I begrudge the needy
It’s just you, you’re really greedy!


  1. What a truly brilliant post
    I would like us all to raise a toast
    For we are the ones that slave away
    Working hard all bloody day.

    If the people I deal with day in and out
    Could stop and think and just not shout
    Would they realise they are such an arse
    Or do they really think thats class?

    Go out and work see how it feels
    To have to work hours to pay for meals
    For if we decided not too work
    Would you then bother to hide that smirk?

    I too do not begrudge the needy
    But this is starting to get really seedy
    Lets hope things get better with the cuts
    but thats something we just cannot trust!

  2. You wrote your poem ruddy quick!
    You've made me feel a little thick
    haha x

  3. Ha I thought you may like a different kinda response!

    yours was bloody marvalous!!

  4. Both these poems made me chuckle,
    Do they not realise that they've got fuck all?
    They might have a plasma and Ipod touch
    But material things don't matter as much
    As proudly getting your kids from school
    Knowing you won't make them look a fool
    Because Britains finest you just are not,
    You worked damned hard for all you've got.
    Britains workers are what we are,
    Paying our taxes with fuel in the car.
    So Hurrah for us ladies that work so hard
    You wouldn't want their life, its a fucking charade!!

  5. I'm loving the rhyming responses! Ali, why don't you 'follow'? Without you here, it all seems hollow ;)