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Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Snippet, You Lucky People!

Firstly, Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers, past and present and particularly, (apart from My lovely Mum), Sabrina, who has just today announced that her & Stevie are expecting their first 'peanut' as Sabrina's excited Mum kept yelling.  Such good luck to you both and we can't wait to see baby xxx

Now, have I mentioned that I'm writing a book? Of course I have! And as I'm feeling so happy and joyous on this fine Mothering Sunday, I feel compelled to share a teeny tiny snippet of it with you....

For Sheps sake! Belly has turned to walk across the brown stained carpet to get me a drink that I have absolutely no intention of allowing ever to touch my mouth, and as his back comes into full view, I see what can only be Anthony Worrall Thompson covered in shit, staring over the top of Belly’s waistband!


  1. I have saved myself 15 pages to read in half an hour with a nice cuppa and a twix - Full critique to follow (in private obviously!!) xxx Love ya, ya clever old stick!!! <3

  2. Thank you sphillips05, looking forward to it ;)