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Thursday, 15 March 2012


As I sit here like a rotund Carrie Bradshaw, tapping away on my keyboard, having just polished off a slice of corned beef and a hot chocolate,  I have come to the conclusion that change, although unnerving, is actually usually a positive thing.

Last year a number of people close to me were made redundant.  What a disgusting term that is to be made redundant.  For some other jumped up mortal to deem another individual surplus to requirements is wrong on so many levels however, in some cases, it’s been a blessing in disguise. 

One friend, the funniest person I know, who had been very, very good at her job for over fifteen years, has used this insult to benefit her already full life.  She just upped and went lone travelling and upon her return, instead of doing what everyone else assumed she must crack on with, job hunting, embarked on a comedy course and is performing her first ever stand up slot very shortly.

How brave and marvellous is that?!

There are changes going on around us all the time.  Changes we have no power over and often don’t like.  Even the most insignificant of changes that others would ignore have profound effects, like ripples in a pond being caused by a falling berry. 

Last year most of us had to reapply for our jobs.  Most of us were ok.  All of us were scared and angry and completely powerless to stop the change.  Whilst we were all feeling very vulnerable, dispensable, grateful and small, little tiny changes were forced upon us. 

For years I’d sat at a noisy, fun desk of women, all of whom have become friends.  From being a desk of four women, we were suddenly split up.  I have sat at my desk for years and faced T or JW, with JD next to me (not the drink) and LL behind me.  JW left for pastures new, herself taking the change as an opportunity to better herself, as did JD, who moved to another department.  LL got a better paid job and only sits behind me sporadically, whilst T got promoted and often is needed elsewhere.  So that just left me.  Lazy old me, sitting alone, all angry about the changes and refusing to play ball.

Then, a man came from a different branch all together to sit NEXT TO ME….in JD’s chair!!!! This wasn’t his desk?! How rude! What on earth did he think he was doing?!  The audacity of him!  And to add insult to injury, he didn’t even bother to be over-nice!!!! No small talk left his lips. No “so, how long have you worked here?;  I love your photo’s, your kids are really cute; I hate the changes don’t you?”, not a jot of pleasantry did he feign.   The bastard!

Now, after days of practically ignoring this impostor, I overheard him and another newcomer talking about the books they are writing and I eavesdropped.  It turned out that Newbie & co weren’t boring dullards at all but had each written novels and had material published!  Hmmmn I thought to myself and with great bullish enthusiasm I tactlessly hijacked their conversation and properly introduced myself.  It took a remarkably short time for me and New Boy to start insulting each other and swapping recommendations of favourite books, films, comedy sketches and since I dropped my irrational guard and embraced (sort of) change, I have, with a lot of encouragement from Newbs,  started writing my book. 

I understand that this may seem like much a do about nothing, but if my book turns out to be the cult classic that I think it will be, well, then that is a pretty significant positive to come from change isn’t it?

Now, I’d like you all to go away and think of one change that you might be putting off and write a list of possible positive outcomes if you allowed that change to go ahead.  Go on then….and good luck ;)

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